Edumate is a school administration program enabling Carinya to centralise, keep up to date, and make readily available all information essential for sound school management. Timely communication with parents is facilitated using both SMS and Email from within Edumate.

The Parent Portal in Edumate enables parents/carers to provide and access information about their children that builds on the ‘home and school together’ relationship. Using the Parent Portal parents are able to:

  • Access the Online School Calendar and keep up to date with what’s happening around the school.
  • Review their child’s student profile including timetables, attendance records, upcoming tasks, recent academic reports, and sick bay records.
  • Update their own contact details and the contact and medical details for their children.

The Edumate Student Portal provides students with access to information about their own learning. Students can view their own timetable, check their assessment calendar, and print out Assessment Schedules.

All school parents receive a username and password to access the parent portal. If you have forgotten your username or password please contact the school office for assistance.