Infobase eBook Collection

The Infobase eBook Collection are non-fiction books which cover 25 curriculum areas (including 700 downloadable Classic Fiction books). These titles are particularly suitable for students in Years 7—12 (and their parents) to assist them in their research. Texts from the Infobase eBook Collection are able to be accessed simultaneously by any number of students and teachers, and they are read online. The Collection and individual books are searchable by title and keyword. Students and teachers are able to print, and cut and paste from these eBooks. Both citation information and read aloud functionality are available for this collection. It is also possible to Bookmark searches by establishing an individual account. (It is necessary to provide an email address to use this feature.)

How to get started with Infobase eBooks

After clicking on the link below, you will required to type in your Carinya network username and password. After doing this you will be able to visit the Infobooks site and search these books online. From within the school you are also able to access books via the library OPAC.


Information regarding device specifications for using Infobase e-Books may be accessed by clicking here.