2019 School Fees Announcement

The Board is pleased to announce that the following things will remain unchanged in 2019:

  • a commitment to providing a quality Christian education

  • the development of exceptional facilities

  • affordable school fees

FEES - K-12

Thanks to enrolment growth, continued funding support, and in consideration of the dry conditions across the region, fees for Kindergarten to Year 12 will remain unchanged for the 5th consecutive year at Carinya Tamworth, and the 3rd consecutive year at Carinya Gunnedah.


Tamworth - To ensure that the Preparatory program can continue to provide an exceptional start to learning, our fees will increase to $35 per day for Gumnuts and Prep in 2019.

Gunnedah - Prep Fees at Carinya Gunnedah will remain unchanged at $30 per day.

Affordable and all inclusive...

The Board of Carinya Christian School is resolved to make Christian Education affordable for as many families as possible. Since 2014 Fees at Carinya have either reduced or remained the same. Over the same time the cost of goods and services in Australia has increased by 5.6%. The Board and School Executive remains committed to:

  • ensuring fees are affordable

  • the continued development of our school facilities

  • supporting the work of our faithful teachers and staff

The Annual Fee is made up of a Tuition Fee, a Infrastructure, Services and Resources Fee, and a Technology Levy. Combined, this provides for an all inclusive fee for parents. The Infrastructure, Services and Resources (ISR) Fee provides for all necessary stationery and text books, compulsory sporting programs, practical subject materials, the maintenance of buildings and facilities, student accident insurance, excursions and camps, core Technology infrastructure, school administration and communication.

50% Prep to Kindergarten rebate...

Families whose children are enrolled in the Early Learning Program, and continue into Kindergarten the following year, will be eligible for a 50% rebate of the total Early Learning Program (Prep) fees paid. This rebate will be applied directly to the families School Fees Account at the start of the following school year to reduce the Total Annual Fees due for that year.

Recurring payments...

School fees are paid in installments via recurring payments. Fee Payment election forms are to be completed at the start of each year, or before a child commences enrolment.

 2018 Annual Fee Payment Election Form

 2018 Kindergarten Preparatory Program Annual Fee Payment Election Form

Payment methods...

Regular payments can be made via Credit Card, Direct Debit, CenterPay Deductions, or cash. Click on the appropriate link below to download a form. Completed forms are to be returned to the accounts department with your payment plan application.

 Card Payments Request Form

This is an arrangement whereby Carinya is authorised to electronically transfer the nominated amount from your card, directly into our account.

 Direct Debit Request Form

This is an arrangement whereby Carinya is authorised to electronically transfer the nominated amount from your account, directly into our account.

 Centrepay Deduction

This is an arrangement whereby payments are automatically deducted from your CentreLink entitlements and deposited into our account.