Students: If you cannot access the Intranet and need to reset your password, please contact the IT Integrator in the Library.

Students have access to learning materials online via the Carinya Intranet. For each learning area that a student studies a corresponding Intranet Course page exists where that student’s teacher is able to make resources available and administer online activities related to their learning.

Examples of how teachers in Junior School use the Intranet include:

  • Linking to online resources and common learning sites (like Spellingcity)
  • Creating WebQuest lessons where students can follow a structured learning path
  • Designing collaborative activities, such as sharing Flat Stanley recounts via an online forum

Examples of how Middle and Senior School teachers users the Intranet include:

  • Making course digital resources and notes available online for students to access at any time
  • Providing links to ClickView Educational videos which can be watched at school or home
  • Administering Online quizzes to assess student learning
  • Online submission of homework and assessment tasks
  • Designing lessons for student self directed learning

The Carinya Intranet is widely used by the school community.