The Learning Support Department has oversight of the implementation of programs for students from Gumnuts to Year 12, who have been identified as requiring additional personal or academic support.

Learning Support staff work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that identified students are fully and realistically integrated in the regular classroom, at the same time as making provision for the withdrawal of such students for specialist teaching, as required.

The Learning Support Department pursues and enjoys a close working relationship with the parents of identified students. Meetings are organised between a student’s parents and teachers and there is ongoing management of the close link between home and school to ensure good communication and planning.

Where applicable, special parent groups are convened for either information sharing or for mutual support. A highlight in this regard is the parent group “CAPS” (Carinya Autism Parent Support). We meet once a term for mutual encouragement, discussion and information dissemination.


Independent learning program

The Independent Learning Program provides students in Years 3 - 10 with extended learning opportunities. Students are involved in completing individual and group work projects. These projects cover a range of Key Learning Areas across the year and are aimed at developing skills such as creative thinking, investigating, planning, problem solving and presenting. ILP encourages students to take ownership of the learning process at their own level and to extend their thinking.

Student interests, community competitions, independent learning, hands on activities and the utilisation of a variety of Web and Google applications on Chromebooks are part of the ILP experience.  

Students in Years 3 - 8 who are a part of the Independent Learning Program (ILP), spend two lessons each week in a small group environment, working on extended learning tasks, guided by the ILP teacher.

To cater for their academic demands students in Years 9 and 10, who would benefit from extended learning opportunities, are identified and targeted for individual and group based external tasks and competitions.