Changes to School Access Due to Kalyptos Building Works

Works have now commenced in the Kalyptos Block and we are looking forward to the additions being complete, which will include three refurbished Kindergarten rooms, two small group learning spaces, an access toilet and a staff/parent meeting room. The work will be completed at the end of Term 3, with the new facilities becoming available from the beginning of Term 4, 2018.

Due to these extensions, there are a number of changes to the way students and parents access the school that you need to be aware of:

Builder's Compound

A builder's compound and work site has been established that takes in the current Kindergarten rooms as well as the space directly adjacent to each side of the building. The building site also takes up part of the Boronia Drive car park. No pedestrian access is permitted within the builder's compound.

Year 1 and 2

The current Year 1 and 2 rooms will remain the same, and we have tried to minimise any impact to the learning environment. Access to the classrooms will only be via the side classroom doors or the end door that faces the ovals. As students arrive at school, all students should enter the building to drop off their bags through the back doors and not through the class, unless directed by the teacher.

Access to the School from Raywood Drive

Students and parents accessing the school from Raywood Drive will need to walk around the western side of the Kalyptos building via the PAC. This is the most direct route to the Administration Building, Accounts Office and other parts of the school. To ensure the safety of students and parents, the Boronia Drive car park cannot be used for pedestrian access.

Disability Parking

For those requiring disability parking, there are three marked spaces available in the top car park, adjacent to the builder's compound. From these car parks, access to the school is possible using the crossing and then heading directly into the school past the Administration Building.


Construction Map A3 v1.jpg

Reminder about Parent/Carer Parking for Pick up and Drop off

Raywood Drive

All parents transporting children in the morning and/or afternoon must continue to use Raywood Drive (the school road off Calala Lane), even if you have other business at school. The only exception to this is if there is inclement weather (rain), in which case either school entrance may be used, or if parents require disabled access.

Parents coming to school during the day (between 9:00am and 2:30pm) may use either entrance, unless you intend to wait until the end of school to pick up children. In that case you must use the Raywood Drive entrance and park along the road.

Boronia drive

The top car park accessed via Boronia Drive is only for staff, students, construction workers and parents requiring disabled access. Staff will be re-directing all other traffic. Whilst this is required for practical reasons, it is also a requirement of the Council that these restrictions are enforced.

We are looking forward to these new facilities and are thankful to the Lord for his provision for our school community. If you have any questions about this information, please contact the Front Office.