Building confidence, excitement and enthusiasm for learning


Carinya provides an outstanding Kindergarten Preparatory Program for Gumnuts and Prep. The Program for both age groups is play-based and introduces children to early learning skills and activities, in a secure and stimulating real school environment. Children are given opportunities to become inquisitive, confident learners, in a warm and caring environment.

Children can be enrolled for up to 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. Parents are also able to take advantage of make-up days (for absences other than sickness) and book their children in for casual days (when availability permits).  Children must turn 3 years old before commencing in the Gumnut program and 4 years old by the 30th April the year they are to commence in the Prep program. The Program is designed for children to participate for a maximum of 2 years prior to starting Kindergarten. Please note: Children must be toilet trained prior to commencement.


The Gumnuts program develops an appreciation and enjoyment of the world God has made and stimulates your child’s natural imagination, curiosity and eagerness to learn. The curriculum is a good mixture of directed and undirected play, and activities in language, music, art and craft, specifically designed for their age.


The Kindergarten Preparatory Class (Prep) has an emphasis on school readiness and a smooth transition to Kindergarten the following year. Students are introduced to formal pre-writing and pre-numeracy skills, and in the second half of the year they make regular visits to the Kindergarten room to meet their teachers and prepare for the transition to full time school.


@ Carinya Tamworth

A feature of the Kindergarten Preparatory Program includes daily small group sessions of the Kindergym program, taught by an instructor qualified by Gymnastics Australia. Students engage in between 1 & 3 gym lessons on every day they attend. This aims to enhance each child's physical development and intellectual readiness, as well as personal resilience and confidence.

Prep to Kindy Rebate

Families whose children are enrolled in the Kindergarten Preparatory Program, and continue into Kindergarten the following year, are eligible for a 50% rebate off the total fees paid the year prior to Kindergarten. This rebate will be applied directly to the family's School Fees Account at the start of the Kindergarten school year to reduce the Total Annual Fees due for that year.


Children enrolled in the Kindergarten Preparatory Program are assumed to continue their enrolment for the entire year for the same number of days each school week. The 2019 Annual Fee charged to parents is calculated on this basis at a rate of $35 per day.

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