The Learning Support team implement programs for students who require additional personal or academic support. Staff work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that identified students are fully and realistically integrated in the regular classroom, at the same time as making provision for the withdrawal of such students for specialist teaching.

The Learning Support team pursues and enjoys a close working relationship with the parents of identified students. Meetings are organised between a student’s parents and teachers and there is ongoing management of the close link between home and school to ensure good communication and planning.


Independent learning program

Carinya’s Independent Learning Program helps students engage with, and explore, God’s world by providing students in Years 3 to 10 with extended learning opportunties. Students are involved in completing individual and group work projects aimed at developing skills such as creative thinking, investigating, planning, problem solving and presenting.

Students in Years 3 - 8 who are a part of the Independent Learning Program (ILP), spend two lessons each week in a small group environment, working on extended learning tasks, guided by the ILP teacher.

To cater for their academic demands students in Years 9 and 10, who would benefit from extended learning opportunities, are identified and targeted for individual and group based external tasks and competitions.



We recognise that mental health and well-being are significant concerns that impact on a student’s capacity to engage in their education. Carinya’s trained psychologist helps meet these concerns by providing counselling, referrals and support within our Christian Framework.


The Pastoral Care program runs across all year groups from Kindergarten upwards, with teachers providing care and support for students in their classes. Teachers take time to read the Bible and pray with students each day, as they present Jesus as Lord and King. The Pastoral Care program seeks to develop character traits from a biblical perspective and help students become people of integrity, faithfulness and service, in thankfulness to the Lord Jesus.


Carinya’s Health Care Coordinator cares for students with various medical needs, be it on occasional visits to sick bay or regular medical care. The Health Care Coordinator works with parents to create Health Care Plans needed to keep children safe at school or on excursions.