Carinya Christian School Tamworth is situated on 30 acres in the quiet suburb of Calala. The school provides a safe and tranquil learning environment for children from the age of 3 up to Year 12.  It is one of the only Schools in Tamworth NSW where both Primary School and High School aged girls and boys can attend the same campus.


Carinya Christian School Tamworth

Carinya Christian School Tamworth commenced in May 1984, with six students in Kindergarten to Year Three. It was started by concerned Christian parents who wanted their children's school to reinforce what they taught at home about the supremacy of Christ in all of life.

The school was founded, and continues to be run by the Tamworth Christian Education Association, an initiative of Trinity Church. The school is one of the ministries of the church, in partnership with parents and other school supporters.

Carinya Tamworth is situated 8km from the centre of town in the quiet suburb of Calala on nearly 30acres of land. The school is set away from main roads, overlooking picturesque flood plains and farmland, providing a safe and tranquil environment for children aged 3 up to the HSC to grow and learn about themselves and God's world. 

A message from the principal


Carinya enjoys a precious community, which provides a safe, rich learning environment for children.  As Principal it is my great pleasure to meet all new families that come into the school and watch the children grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s amazing world.  

Jesus is the core reason that Carinya exists.  He provides the vision and purpose for our approach to educating children at every level in the school.  This means all teaching and learning is based around our understanding of who Christ is and how we seek to bring him glory.

At Carinya we enjoy a rich and diverse community where we see all children as being precious, as they are made by God, in his image.  This means students are not discriminated by their ability, rather they are encouraged to use their gifts to the best of their ability.  All students learn and relate differently and it is through these differences that opportunities to learn and grow are provided.  

We work hard at communicating with parents, so that home and school work together to have the greatest impact on children under our care.  School’s function best when the community has mutually supportive relationships.  Through these relationships trust is established, which allows for a nurturing educational environment.

Through Jesus, an amazing and complex world was created.  Our Christian staff delight in helping students discover God’s world and how we can live and serve in it.    

Come and have a tour of our picturesque school.  We have over 700 students from our Pre-Kindergarten Program through to our Year 12 students, providing an opportunity for families to stay together and transition through the one school for their whole education.


David Jones

Principal, CEO Carinya Christian School



Ph: (02) 6762 0970
Fax: (02) 6762 1752
25 Boronia Drive
Calala, NSW, 2340


School Days:
Mon - Fri 8am - 4:30pm
School Holidays:
Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm

David Jones   Principal

David Jones


Learning at Carinya Tamworth

Lilly Pilly Cottage | Carinya Christian School Tamworth

Lilly Pilly Cottage

Kindergarten Preparatory Program for 3-5yr olds

Junior School - Kindergarten to Year 4 | Carinya Christian School Tamworth

Junior School

Kindergarten to Year 4

Middle School - Years 5-8

Middle School

Years 5-8

Senior School - Years 9-12 | Carinya Christian School Tamworth

Senior School

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