The Christian beliefs of the school are set out in the first 20 chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith. The school believes that these chapters faithfully reflect what the Bible teaches about God and His plan for salvation through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Because the Bible is God's word, it forms the basis for thinking and understanding in every area of the curriculum. Because the Bible speaks about all of life, so does the school. Therefore, at Carinya, children are not sheltered in an inappropriate way, from what is ugly or unpleasant in the world. Instead, at an age appropriate time, they are taught about the world they will need to confront for Christ, as they grow to maturity.

The school takes this approach because Carinya is not a school where religious activities are an additional part of the academic curriculum. On the contrary, the school seeks to acknowledge Jesus Christ in every area of school life. He is integral to everything we do.

Subjects in the curriculum are taught with a view to reflecting how God sees the world He has created and how the world which is examined in the curriculum reflects His character and mind.

Christian values are taught in the school with intent, even passion, but always within a framework where firstly the Creator of those values is loved and honoured by those who teach our students.

Our first aim for every child is that they know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and serve Him in their learning and their life.