Students entering Year 12 are invited to apply to become a Student Leader. For successful applicants we hope to provide formal, biblically-based leadership training with practical opportunities to exercise effective leadership in the school through the service and support of others. The focus of the leadership training and practice will be that of servant leadership, in the use of God given gifts, as determined and enabled through God’s grace.

Leadership is a broad term which embodies many skills and responsibilities which are increasingly required in the workforce and in society in general. Through the development of the Carinya Student Leadership Program, it is hoped that students will have the opportunity to contribute to the school in a more meaningful and proactive way and at the same time develop skills that will stand each student in good stead in the years after school.

Student Leaders are given the opportunity to serve others in a purposeful and meaningful way, as well as help shape the culture of the school through their contribution and involvement at a variety of levels.

Student Leaders are required to be involved in training sessions focussing on:

  • The particular values and ethos of the school
  • The qualities of a leader in terms of the values and ethos of the school
  • Leading and speaking to small and large groups

Roles and Responsibilities

i. Role Modelling

Role modelling is a fundamental responsibility for any leader. For this reason, Student Leaders must be shown to make every effort to support the school in the ways outlined below:

1. As a student

  • Uniform
  • Punctuality
  • Personal profile and conduct
  • Support of all school policies

2. Academically

  • Must exhibit a positive academic profile
  • Accept mutual responsibility for others in regards to their learning

3. As a Leader

  • Be involved in designated leadership roles
  • Support the ethos of the school
  • Assist with any whole school projects
  • An attitude of service

ii. Designated Leadership Roles

It will be expected that students will be involved in some capacity in the roles outlined below:

1. Assemblies

Students will MC Middle and Senior School Assemblies under the guidance of the relevant Heads of School. Students will address students on issues and events that will be happening in the school.

2. Student Leadership Meetings

These will occur twice per term with the purpose being to review and grow the roles of senior students. Students will also use this time to plan and organise projects that could include fundraising for a designated charity and school projects.

3. Leaders Retreat

Students will be expected to attend an overnight leaders retreat. This will provide students with the opportunity to learn about their roles and equip them in their position.

4. Student Forum

Students will organise and present to the school one forum each year on a topical issue. The issue must be explored from a Christian perspective.

5. Supervision of students

Occasional assistance for staff at school and responsibilities in public, such as bus travel.

6. Public Events

Represent the school at public events such as Governors Visit, Captains Dinner, attending commemorative services, etc.