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The Homework Club is designed to help students in Year 5 - 12 to set some specific time aside to get homework, or other school work (such as assessment tasks) done for the following week. It is not meant to replace time spent on homework at home, but to help develop the habit of giving dedicated time to meeting their responsibility to complete their homework. Experience confirms that routine and habit is the most effective way to complete school work.

Please note:

  • Supervision will be by the school librarian or other teaching staff.
  • Students must register for each session: a roll will be marked.
  • Parents may register by submitting the form below.
  • Blanket registration will not be accepted (ie. All this week/month/term).
  • All registrations should be received at the office the day before the student is to attend.
  • Afternoon tea will be provided in the foyer of the library.
  • The club will commence at 3:30pm sharp and conclude at 5:00pm.
  • Parents may collect students from the library from 4:30pm if required. All other students will need to remain until 5:00pm.
  • It is important that students be picked up by parents on time (students will be in the administration foyer from 5:00pm). Pedestrian and bike riders will leave at 5:00pm.
  • If a session needs to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers (less that 3 students), parents will be notified by 1:00pm that day.

Registration Form