Work Experience Programs form part of the NSW secondary school curriculum and provide students with an opportunity to spend a planned period of time - usually one week - in a workplace of their choice, enhancing their classroom learning, assisting their career choices and building their industry skills. Carinya's compulsory Work Experience Program for Year 10 is run for two weeks every year in the last two weeks of Term 2 (June).

As part of the learning process, students have the responsibility to secure two work placements, doing as much as they can on their own, with support from the school, their parents and carers. 

Although it is ideal for students to try a career they may be thinking of doing in the future, students can also use the opportunity to learn about work hours, and gain skills and confidence in a work environment. As this may be the first time your child has been in a work environment there are a number of important obligations that both you and your child need to be aware of. Please be sure to read through the document 'The Work Experience Learning Guide for Parents & Carers'.

If you have any questions, please contact the Work Experience Coordinator.

Chris Davis

Phone: 02 6762 0970