Carinya Lending Library

1. Why can't I borrow books that are on the shelves in the Carinya physical library?

Answer: The eBook collection is a separate collection of books that has been purchased from an eBook distributor. The collection will be added to over time and contains a mixture of books that are also in the print collection as well as others that are unique to the eBook collection.

2. Can I make suggestions for new titles?

Answer: Yes, you may contact the librarian to make suggestions. However, it must be remembered that not all published books are available to be purchased for digital lending. (Available titles are increasing daily). In addition, all purchases are made according to the Carinya Library book Acquisition Policy which is available from this website.

3. Am I able to renew a book if I have not finished reading it?

Answer: At the end of the borrowing period (14 days), books are automatically disabled. You will need to delete the title from your reading device and then re-borrow it.

4. Am I able to reserve a book that is currently not available?

Answer: At the moment this feature is not available.

5. What should I do if my book becomes disabled at the end of 14 days and I have not finished reading it?

Answer: You may select it again in the catalogue and re-borrow it if no-one else has borrowed it.

6. Can more than one person borrow the same book at the same time?

Answer: Unless there is more than one copy of a particular title in the eLibrary, only one person may borrow that title at a time. However, one person can download a book onto 6 compatible devices at a time.

7. If I finish a book early, do I have to keep it for the whole 14 days before I can borrow again?

Answer: You may return a book at any time if you are finished with it. Remember to return it from your reading device before you delete it. If you accidentally delete it from your reading device before you return it, you will need to download it again from the Carinya Lending Library so that you can return it.