The introduction of an Overseas Cultural Service Program has been an exciting development for the Carinya Community. At Carinya, we believe that Christ commended ‘service’ to his people by wok and example. This Program encourages students to be ‘mission minded’ as they spend time in Fiji.


  1. To share in the lives of people of a different culture to our own and be enriched through cultural and faith sharing opportunities.

  2. To provide an opportunity for students to develop leadership qualities through service to others.

  3. To lead our students out of their ‘comfort zones’ and provide them with an opportunities to view the world differently.

  4. To raise the awareness for possibilities of missionary and humanitarian work.


  • Word ministry: students work with Mission Ventures Australia, who provide students with many opportunities to speak about Christ both in formal and informal situations.

  • Group presentations: Within Fijian schools this can include English language teaching as well as bible studies.

  • School activities: Curriculum and extra curricular activities.

  • Church: Students attend the local church and are made very welcome in this environment.

  • Relationships: Fijian people love making new friendships. Through project based initiatives run by the students, there is great opportunity to make new friendships with the local Fijians.

  • Cultural Immersion: The sum total of this experience will give students a substantial and unique exposure to a developing world culture.