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Criteria for all employees

It is the employment policy of the Board of the Tamworth Christian Education Association that all employees meet the following criteria.

All Teaching and Non Teaching Staff:

  • be committed Christian people who are actively involved in a local Christian church;
  • be prepared to see their work as contributing to the cause of Christ in the school;
  • be willing to uphold, safeguard and promote the ethos of the school in the local community;
  • model a lifestyle that reflects Christian practice and beliefs in their everyday work and life;
  • subscribe wholeheartedly to the understanding of the biblical doctrines of grace expounded in the first 20 Chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith;

All Teaching Staff:

  • be a fully accredited teacher with BOSTES;
  • be committed to strive for the highest standards of professional competence and be prepared to pursue personal professional growth;
  • must embrace the following practices as fundamental to the educational process in the teaching of children at Carinya;
    • children are to be taught and valued as individuals, made in the image of God, on purpose and for a purpose;
    • the talents and abilities of each child are regarded as gracious gifts from the Lord Jesus and are to be valued equally in the classroom and in the school community;
    • children are to be intrinsically motivated, taught to find reward in using the abilities they have been given by the Lord: in the process and as an outcome of their learning, they are encouraged to "seek the reward in the task" and not in extrinsic prizes, reward or public recognition: "coming first" and "beating" classmates are not worthy reasons for children to learn;
    • children are expected to develop and use their abilities and do their best in whatever they do: they are encouraged to be "faithful";
    • students are taught in classrooms characterised by community and co-operation not rivalry and competition.

In the pursuit of a safe learning environment, Carinya Christian School is a smoke and alcohol-free environment.

Read Carinya's Information Collection Notice for Job Applicants.


Applicants must read Chapters 1 - 20 of the Westminister Confession of Faith and respond as required within their application.

Westminster Confession of Faith

Memorandum and Articles


Applications must be received on the Carinya Staff Application Form.

Staff Application Form - Gunnedah

Staff Application Form - Tamworth